Basic Constitutional Rights of an American

All Citizens of the United States of America are protected by Rights as a right of birth. Without the proper education in schools, people can grow up their whole lives without completely understanding all of the wonderful rights that they are given. This lack of knowledge on basic rights given to an American can harm people in two ways. The first is that there are particular rights and privileges that people are not taking advantage of. The less that rights are exercised, the less likely they are to be granted continuous protection. The second and perhaps more serious way this lack of knowledge harms Americans is when they are confronted with the law. Some people put themselves in jeopardy because they don’t know their proper rights. Here are some of the most basic and important constitutional rights that we have as Americans.

One of the most well-known but least used rights is granted by the 5th Amendment on the Bill of Rights, which outlines our basic constitutional rights as Americans. The 5th Amendment, among other things, protects an individual in regards to questions given by authorities. According to the 5th Amendment, an individual can refuse to answer questions given by officials. This is important to know as an American because in some circumstances, an individual may unintentionally incriminate themselves based on how they answer a question from an authority. By pleading the 5th, individuals can protect themselves until they speak with the proper people such as lawyers.

The 6th Amendment protects individuals by securing them a right to a lawyer as well as a fair trial in front of a jury. If a person cannot afford a lawyer, according to this amendment, then the government will give one to them. This amendment is important to ensure that all citizens of the U.S. are given access to fair trials that are not going to punish them unfairly or without proper representation from a legal lawyer.

Another, very popular Amendment comes in the form of the right to bear arms. The 2nd Amendment protects the right of United States citizens to own and bear weapons. This is a right that has been in the public spotlight for some time now. But, according to the Bill of Rights, citizens have rights to own weapons.

Although the Bill of Rights can be amended, as it has before in the past, it is important for US citizens to be knowledgeable of the rights that they have. Without this knowledge, they can put themselves in jeopardy as well as the rights themselves. As things go unchecked and unpracticed, the Amendments may slowly become unprotected.

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