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Federal Regulations

Federal Regulations are mostly everlasting rules that are published by agencies and executive branches of the Federal Government. The code regulations cover 50 titles, each of them represent general subject areas. Some of the regulation titles are grants and agreements, the President, accounts, domestic security, agriculture, banks and banking, energy, business credit and assistance, Federal […]

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Importance of Federal Law and Protection

Federal law is a very interesting thing, as it is laws that have been put in place to cover the entire United States, although there is conflicting laws in a lot of cases. The way that law is set up in this country, there is Federal law, then there is state law, and below that […]

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Basic Constitutional Rights of an American

All Citizens of the United States of America are protected by Rights as a right of birth. Without the proper education in schools, people can grow up their whole lives without completely understanding all of the wonderful rights that they are given. This lack of knowledge on basic rights given to an American can harm […]

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