Child Custody Is Important To Everyone In A Family

There are many marriages these days that are ending in divorce. Although divorce may be necessary for certain marriages where the problems are too intense for both parties, a divorce can be very devastating for s child. Things become even worse when child custody becomes an issue when a divorce arises. It’s necessary to know who will take custody of a child when the two parties split, or it’s possible that a family member feels they would be more suitable to care for a child over the parents themselves. Issues that have to do with the custody of a child can be very difficult for the entire family, but it’s best to come together to work it out civilly.

A parent who is going for child custody has to prove why they are the best person to raise the child. If the person is going for full custody, then they have to prove that they are financially stable and available to the child when the child is in need. Courts like to see that the parent who wants full custody of the child has a stable income, a loving home, and no history of abuse to the child. It’s also a bad idea to try and go for full custody in a bid to hurt the other parent, especially if the other parent has proven to be a good parent to the child.

It’s never a good idea to use a child as a way to hurt another parent because it also hurts the child. If the child is old enough, the child should have a say in where they will be staying, even if it means splitting custody half-and-half. If custody has to be split, then both parents must show that they have a place for the child to stay, and the child must be accommodated in each home they live in with each parent. If the custody of the child will be going to an outside family member, then that family member must prove why they are the better parent and why the biological parents or current custody holders are not good enough.

No matter who a child goes to, it’s going to be tough for the child if they are rooted up and have to go live somewhere different. Even if a child has to split their time between each parent’s home, it can be difficult for the child to have to go to one parent for the weekend and stay was another parent during the weekday. Even one parent getting full custody of a child can be difficult for any child because they will completely be lacking one parent or the other.

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