Importance of Federal Law and Protection

Federal law is a very interesting thing, as it is laws that have been put in place to cover the entire United States, although there is conflicting laws in a lot of cases. The way that law is set up in this country, there is Federal law, then there is state law, and below that is laws set up by various counties and cities. This set up is designed to give more power to each state, which really prevents Federal law from imposing too much of its will.
The overall point here was to create a system that divided powers, giving individual freedom to states to make their own laws, for which they have also democratically voted for. However, there are all sorts of instances where Federal law and state or local law directly conflict. For example, you can take the medical marijuana laws that are currently intact in more than half the states in the country right now. Marijuana, be it for recreational, or for medical purposes, is fundamentally and entirely illegal at the Federal level. However, states have gone out and made it legal, as they have done tests that shows the medical benefits, leading to an overall vote in the state system, which has led to the creation of these state laws.
This is just an example of the overlap, but Federal law is incredibly important to our overall society and our individual protection and freedom. Federal law protects the constitution, which is what this country was founded on. Without free speech and the right to own guns, there would be no constitution and our government, and our very country in entirety, would quickly and swiftly turn into a totalitarian dictatorship. This is without question, and federal law is set up to protect this from ever happening. These laws are incredibly important to our way of life, but to the rest of the World as well. If these types of laws were not held up by the Federal government, we would be in a World of trouble, very quickly.
Because of these popular Federal laws, it is incredibly important that we have a lot of respect for these laws, just as we have respect for the constitution and for what it stands for. Although some people may think that Federal law steps out of bounds and is too infringing on the laws and decisions that states and counties make, there is no debating the fact that we absolutely need Federal law and when it comes down to it, they really are the institutions that are keeping us safe and in this remarkable democratic society, which we as a country had to fight tooth and nail for, and is what makes this country great.

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