Know Your Legal Rights

As a citizen of any country or society you are entitled to certain rights as well as responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities are usually enshrined in the constitution as well as various statutes that are both national as well as international ones like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is important for you to understand your legal rights as they inform you about all the legal and civil rights that you are entitled to and they help you to be able to stand up for yourself whenever anyone tries to infringe on them.


The Bill Of Rights


Every constitution has a bill of rights that seek to protect the basic human rights that every citizen in such a country enjoys. In America, for example the Bills of Rights were added to the American Constitution in a series of amendments. Their main objective was to protect the American citizens’ rights from interference by the State. These rights guarantee every American freedom to religion, press and also a trial by a jury. Below are some of these amendments;


First Amendment gave the freedom of religion, speech and that of the press, right to assemble as well as petition the government. Second Amendment gave the right to form a militia as well as keep and bear arms. Third amendment gives the right not to have soldiers in an individual’s home. Fourth amendment guarantees protection against unreasonable seizure and search. The Fifth Amendment prescribed that no citizen should be tried for a serious crime until they get indicted by a grand jury. No accused person can be coerced to testify against themselves or be punished when the due process of law was not followed. It also prescribes that citizens ought to be paid for private property taken to be used by the public.


The sixth Amendment gives people a right to an expeditious trial, legal representation and they can also confront their accusers. The Seventh Amendment gives people the right to be tried by a jury in civil cases whose subject matter exceeds $20. The eighth Amendment protects people against stiff fines, excessive bail and unusual and cruel punishment. The Ninth Amendment sought to clarify the status of the basic rights that were not listed down in the constitution as they are so many. This means that the rights that are listed cannot in any way infringe upon those rights that are not listed in the American Constitution. Tenth Amendment stated that the powers that have not been blatantly granted to the government by the American constitution belong to the people or the states.


All of the above are some of the important human rights that American people are entitled to and ones that you should understand as they are your legal rights.

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