The Police and Your Civil Rights.

Knowing your civil rights during an encounter with the police can make a huge difference in your life. You must always remember what you say to the police is important. Anything that is said during an encounter can be used against you and can eve give them an excuse to arrest you, even if you are disrespectful. You must be made aware that you do not have to answer any questions a police officer asks you, but again you must decline to answer in a respectful manner. If your encounter is the result of a traffic stop, you must still provide your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. Being stopped by the police can be one of those experiences that will make you nervous, even if you have not committed a crime. Do you know what your civil rights are? Knowing what your rights are is something that every American citizen should know. Not knowing what your rights are can make a huge difference when you encounter the police.

There are cases upon cases where the public has encountered the police and citizens are not aware of the rights that are given to them just for being born on American soil. Of course we are taught these in school, but what do adults really remember from their days in school? And the older we get the less we remember, and something that truly never be forgotten, should be your rights. No one ever plans on having an encounter with a police officer. I do not think that many Americans want to engage with police officers, especially if that person is of a minority. In most cities in the United States of America, police patrol to increase revenue for their respective cities. This can create a negative impact on the citizens. It is believed that when the police patrol in a manner that creates positive relationship between police and the citizens they swore to protect with the relationship become stronger. Even then, you should know your rights. They will always be important and a significant roles in the US.

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